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Outdoor WiFi Antenna?

Can you take an outdoor WiFi and connect to a router inside an input port Ethernet so I can have wireless WiFi in the house antenna. If so, where can I get a cable with an "N" connector on one end (for the antenna) and an RJ45 connector at the other end (for the router)? .... Thank you.
So if I have an external WiFi antenna to receive a signal from a nearby library, what equipment do I need inside to connect the cable to antenna reception?

Not via the Ethernet port.

The radio-frequency wireless signals are totally incompatible with Ethernet protocols. To connect an external Wi-Fi antenna, you need a router (or access point) with a socket for an external antenna. Some routers have removable antennas, they allow you to connect an external antenna.

Wifi Antenna Options?

Now that i know that a wifi extender can reach past 13 miles, can someone give me the names of some specific models that will do the job?

I found these on eBay:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/LUXUL-PW100-24-F C2-Pro-WAV-100-2-4GHz-Wi-Fi-Range-Extend er-System-New-/110923348170?pt=US_Direct ional_Network_Antennas&hash=item19d3 8bf8ca

http://www.ebay.com/itm/MARINE-RV-WIFI-B OOSTER-WEATHERPROOF-EXTENDED-RANGE-USB-f or-Windows-and-Mac-/320899609020?pt=Boat _Parts_Accessories_Gear&hash=item4ab 71b71bc&vxp=mtr

http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-MILE-Long-Rang e-Outdoor-Indoor-WIFI-Repeater-Bridge-Ex tender-Router-Expander-/360471510612?pt= US_Networking_Boosters_Extenders_Antenna s&hash=item53edc6be54

I only listed the good ones. I have not seen any that work at "13 miles"

D-Link DIR-850L Wireless AC1200 Router review

What is the D-Link DIR-850L AC1200 Wireless Router? It is where the fight to upgrade users to 802.11ac routers gets interesting. The 850L sits in the middle of three highly affordable new D-Link wireless ac routers: the 820L, 850L and 860L. All three ship for under £90 and all three have theoretical wireless ac bandwidth (650Mbps and two with 867Mbps) far in excess of Asus’ similarly priced but highly disappointing 433Mbps RT-AC52U .

The 850L looks set to be the sweet spot bumping the Fast Ethernet ports of the 820L to Gigabit, something also desperately lacking from the RT-AC52U. Could we really have our first genuine 802.11ac performing router for less than the price of many dual band wireless n models?

ROUND-UP: Best Routers

D-Link DIR-850L AC1200 Wireless Router – Design
Take the 850L out its box and you’re immediately on familiar ground. The router sticks with D-Link’s pleasing ‘Dark Vader Pringle Tube’ design that is both

The Typical Connectors and Cables for WiFi Antennas | Broads ...

Suppose you have WiFi antenna but it does not work the way you expected it to be. there can be several reasons behind the low functioning of this device. But you can fix them up by the help of different supplements that can boost up the power of your antenna and network. To get the proper benefit from the WiFi antennas there are several accessories like cables, WiFi connectors, seals, splitters, etc. which are premeditated to reduce the loss and elevate the signalling amplification and pace.

Use of Cables and Connectors to get the maximum benefit

If you want to boost up the signal and speed of your WiFi network then you must go forward to get the assistance of cables and connectors which are designed to promote network rapidity.

•You can buy 5-40ft. long RP-SMA cables which are able to minimize the signal loss. At the same time with the extended cable you can place the antenna in a proper place from where you can get the maximum network availability.

•If you do not need long cables then WiFi coaxial RP SMA extension cables will be very suitable for your workplace

•If you consider the connectors, there are significantly 5 kinds of connectors that can be used to make sure of the strength of the network. The connectors are RPTNC, MMCX, RPSMA, , SMA and “N”. These are differently used according to the essence of dependability, connections security, etc. Purchasing the Appropriate Gear

We suggest shopping for the gear on data-alliance.net .  But buying the internet gear, you must consider the fact whether you need a high-performance antenna or other way outs to lessen the loss and heightens the functionality of the machine. Sometimes the facilitating accessories can lift up the performance of the antenna than the high-budget antenna itself. However, the placement of the antenna and the wireless receiver Point are also very significant for getting the maximum benefit from it. It is good to have short coaxial cable for the antenna because long cable can hamper the signal. The open-air enclosure is useful to keep the router nearer to the aerial. You can also use the Ethernet adapter to muscle the router.



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In order to enable the mobile hotspot, users must raise its antenna, which will power up the Iridium GO!, connect it to the satellite network, and create a Wi-Fi connection. Users will then open the Iridium GO! app on their smartphone or tablet to

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To operate, the user raises the antenna, which turns the GO! device on. The company said that the product is not simply a product, but a platform for developers working in such areas as maritime, aviation, outdoor recreation or enterprise solutions