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Outdoor WiFi Antenna?

Can you take an outdoor WiFi and connect to a router inside an input port Ethernet so I can have wireless WiFi in the house antenna. If so, where can I get a cable with an "N" connector on one end (for the antenna) and an RJ45 connector at the other end (for the router)? .... Thank you.
So if I have an external WiFi antenna to receive a signal from a nearby library, what equipment do I need inside to connect the cable to antenna reception?

Not via the Ethernet port.

The radio-frequency wireless signals are totally incompatible with Ethernet protocols. To connect an external Wi-Fi antenna, you need a router (or access point) with a socket for an external antenna. Some routers have removable antennas, they allow you to connect an external antenna.

Wifi Antenna Options?

Now that i know that a wifi extender can reach past 13 miles, can someone give me the names of some specific models that will do the job?

I found these on eBay:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/LUXUL-PW100-24-F C2-Pro-WAV-100-2-4GHz-Wi-Fi-Range-Extend er-System-New-/110923348170?pt=US_Direct ional_Network_Antennas&hash=item19d3 8bf8ca

http://www.ebay.com/itm/MARINE-RV-WIFI-B OOSTER-WEATHERPROOF-EXTENDED-RANGE-USB-f or-Windows-and-Mac-/320899609020?pt=Boat _Parts_Accessories_Gear&hash=item4ab 71b71bc&vxp=mtr

http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-MILE-Long-Rang e-Outdoor-Indoor-WIFI-Repeater-Bridge-Ex tender-Router-Expander-/360471510612?pt= US_Networking_Boosters_Extenders_Antenna s&hash=item53edc6be54

I only listed the good ones. I have not seen any that work at "13 miles"

DAVID ISABIRYE: Ugandan Volleyball resurrects with NSSF Sponsorship

April 2014 will forever remain engraved on the hearts of many, for it marked the start of even ‘ bigger things ‘ in the Volleyball fraternity of Uganda.

NSSF announced a Ug.sh 60M sponsorship package of the National Volleyball league and the national teams  (men and women).

On Holy Saturday, the  NSSF National Volleyball league finally kicked off at the MTN arena in Lugogo (with wins for Nemostars, UCU and Sky Volleyball clubs ) and I envisaged the born child witness its initial cry, a crucial component of child development.

Ironically, hardly had NSSF and Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) announced the sponsorship package before the media (whose record number equated those at a Uganda Cranes game at Namboole) than ‘critics’ started to castigate the deal.

“You can not start to walk without even crawling”, a visibly perplexed Sadik Nasiwu (Uganda Volleyball Federation) answered one of the provocations posed by reporters questioning the strength of the sponsorship.

Outdoor WIFI Antennas Do They Work? - DoItYourself.com ...

I have a friend who eventually wants to move to Tennessee on a permanent basis. Right now he is using dial up internet and we all know how bad that can be. His dial up is worse than it is up here in Maryland and much slower. So I have been trying to help him find good alternatives and one of which was a mifi device which works o.k. but may not be for him. He lives in a farm house while in Tennessee and in town which is not real far away but not real close either there is a public library that lets its citizens in the area use their wifi for their laptops. Now my question I was flipping through a computer accessory catalog that has different things in it and found a couple of antennas in there that you can mount on a roof to help boost wifi signals. One looks something like a mini satellite dish but isn't and the other sort of looks like a mini radar antenna or a tv antenna. They both claim to be able to get signals in from far away and one claims as far away as 30 miles away. So my question has anyone every heard of these and do they really work? Thanks for your help. I am kind of thinking the same thing Larry but my friend just may try it depending on what his friend says who works on computers for a living and also works on networking. In my area if I bought a booster and my neighbor didn't have all of those trees I just might pick up MCDonalds signal or at the very least a deli down the street that allows people to use their wifi. Not many open routers up here though nor any boosters either. I don't know how effective this device will be, but there are some advantages to putting an antenna outside the house. Chandler is right that if it isn't there, you won't get it. But if there is a weak signal, you may be able to grab more of it by placing an antenna outside and on the roof. You will have a better line of sight by being higher up and not having walls between you and the signal. The antenna can also be more sensitive. yes they work but it has to be pointing...


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In order to enable the mobile hotspot, users must raise its antenna, which will power up the Iridium GO!, connect it to the satellite network, and create a Wi-Fi connection. Users will then open the Iridium GO! app on their smartphone or tablet to

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To operate, the user raises the antenna, which turns the GO! device on. The company said that the product is not simply a product, but a platform for developers working in such areas as maritime, aviation, outdoor recreation or enterprise solutions